RENT – POSSESSION LAWYERS KARACHI PAKISTAN, CONSIDERS THAT Renting a house is not an easy task in Pakistan. The owner has to make sure that the lease agreement is drafted in such a way that he and his property are well protected. And, in case he has to deal with a difficult tenant, he has access to a strong law firm on the ground who can get most favorable results in the quickest amount of time. We help prepare a comprehensive rent/lease agreement with your tenant, typically with a 10% increase in rent every year. If you have a difficult tenant, we will strongly represent and file for ejectment of the tenants and recovery of rent.

           We are also providing satisfactory Property Services in Pakistan to all overseas or non-resident Pakistanis and foreigners. So if you are a foreign national, an overseas Pakistani or a non resident Pakistani and you own a immovable property, in Pakistan and you have issues vis-à-vis renting out your property or recovery of rent, etc. you may contact us and we shall make sure that your legal work regarding your property will be done accurately and your interest will be safeguarded.

Our services shall include property inspection services on regular basis to ensure that the tenant is not misusing the property or causing unreasonable damage to the property or making some immoral or irregular use of the property.



Possession is one of the most important concepts in the society. In the legal world, possession is evidence of ownership. Anyone wants to dispossess someone, must proof either a title or related lawful right. Possession is regarded as good as ownership on the defensive. If a person is in adverse possession of a property for 12 or more years, he became the legal owner of that property and the right of the original owner is extinguished.

Possession is divided into two categories.

(i) Possession in Fact, is actual or physical possession. It is physical relation to a thing. This simply denoted the physical capacity of a person who had the thing within his control in deal with it as he liked to the exclusion of everyone else.

(ii) Possession in Law:  means possession in the eye of law. It means a possession which is recognized and protected by law. Law wanted to give possession, or the right to exercise a claim to the exclusive control of a thing, and along with it all the other advantages and rights which were closely associated with the idea of possession or physical control, even to a person, who had no actual physical control over it.

We as a law firm, deals cases before Mediations, Arbitrations, Trial Courts, Appellate Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court. We also provide complete legal directions and pathways on the subject in accordance with applicable laws. We are also providing complete consultancy to Pakistan and overseas clients. Our lawyers are having exclusive expertise to register a public limited company in Pakistan and providing full support after registration a public limited.