The Immigration Laws, are somehow interrelated with the International Laws and mainly based on bilateral treaties among the Countries. An agreement made between two or more Countries who promise to perform or to not perform specified acts, which agreement creates for each party a legal duty and the right to seek a remedy for breach of that duty. It falls under the category of civil law, although the state courts may intervene to settle dispute between conflicting parties.

Contractual disputes:

In the basic transaction of buying/ selling goods, at least one of the contracting firms will find its rights governed by foreign law, adding to the legal risk in a number of ways.

  1. The distance and unfamiliarity of the law and the cultural environment.
  2. The danger of what contract law in the foreign jurisdiction stipulates.
  3. The possibility of going through the courts in the foreign country.
  4. The problems faced of getting a foreign court judgement enforced in the firm’s own country.

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