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As Corporate Lawyers in Karachi, we are providing the best law services. We as law firm, deals in Company cases in High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.


(Companies Ordinance, 1984) deals with the formation & operations of companies and is having direct relations with commercial and contract law. Company Ordinance, 1984, regulates the creation, organization and dissolution of companies in Pakistan. A Company creates a legal or  “artificial person”  or entity that has  standing  to sue and be sued, enter into contracts, and perform other duties  necessary to maintain  a  business,  separate From its stockholders. Companies are taxable entities, which shields the individual owners or shareholders from personal liability for the liabilities and debts of the company.

The set of rules and regulations regarding the creation & regulate the affairs of Companies in accordance with Sections and sub-sections of Companies Ordinance 1984 in Pakistan. The arrangement of annual General meetings, issuance of new shares as well as additional shares, rights and powers of the board of directors as well as the members of the company and the winding up of a company under the Company Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan.

Our law professionals are trained in the legal formation of companies Worldwide. Our attorneys also construct joint ventures, licensing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions & the countless other transactions entered into by or against the companies.  Other areas of practice include business formations, securities law, venture capital financing, business agreements and internal forms. We as law firm, deals in Company cases in High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. We also deal in registration a private limited company according to company registration law in Pakistan.  We are also providing complete consultancy after registration private limited company in Pakistan and overseas clients.  Our lawyers are having exclusive expertise to register a public limited company in Pakistan and providing full support after registration a public limited.